Emergency Contact Information
Southern Spotsylvania Plumbing 540-898-0341 (for any plumbing concerns)
Battlefield Heating & Cooling 540-891-1074 (for any HVAC issues)
Curtis Drainfields 804-633-4998
New Day Corporation 804-784-0500
EcoSeptix Alliance 540-972-3920 (this company does our drainfield maintenance contracts)
EA Holsten’s 804-359-3511 (for any issues with appliances)

Q: What do I do if an outlet is not working?
A: If any of the outlets are not working we recommend resetting the GFI.

Q: How do I clean my hardwood floors?
A: We recommend using Bona products to clean and polish your hardwood floors.

Q: How do I register for my HVAC Warranty?
A: You will find an HVAC Warranty registration card in your home demonstration binder. Please fill out this card and mail it in to ensure you receive the warranty.

Q: How long is my maintenance agreement with Ecoseptix?
A: Foundation Homes sets up a one year maintenance agreement with Ecoseptix for any alternative system but we would recommend you reaching out and extendinf this agreement. Ecoseptix will come out and check to make sure the system is running properly.

Q: How do I make sure my sump crock is running properly?
A: You’ll need to make sure there is power to the sump crock at all times and you will want to do yearly maintenance on it.

Q: What do I do if I am not sure if my concern is a warranty item?
A: Review the warranty booklet provided within the 3 -ring binder provided by your Project Manager at your pre-settlement demonstration or review the warranty tab and click on the 2-10 Warranty house for the item number that addresses your concern.

Q: I have called or texted my Project Manager for warranty items or questions and have not heard back?
A: Our Project Managers are instructed to NOT respond post settlement. We have a Warranty Department all set up to handle your inquiries and concerns. Please submit your concern through your personal portal via Buildertrend and our Warranty Specialist will be in touch quickly.