#1 Meet our New Construction Sales Specialist

Our Specialists are qualified professionals with over 25 years of experience that wants to get you into the home of your dreams! We are a realtor-friendly company that welcomes all realtors. You don’t have to have a representing realtor though—please feel free to work directly with the Foundation Team! Our Specialists will walk you through the home and lot selection process, as well as assist you with all financing questions and needs.

#2 Seal the Deal

Once you have found a home or floor plan that you love, your Specialist will create a Purchase Agreement. You will sign this to secure your pricing and get the building process started! A deposit to the builder will be required at this point. Now, it’s time to find your perfect lot, if you have not already located one or are not lucky enough to already own it.

#3 Plan Review

At this stage you will, review your floor plan, ask questions, and make any changes that are needed for your new home to best fit your lifestyle. We are here for you. You get to help steer the building process so your home becomes just what you want and need!

#4 Personalizing Your Home

After you approve the plans, you will then meet to choose from numerous elements that will personalize your new home. Select your flooring, tile, counter tops, light fixtures, roofing, siding —even your shutters and front door color! This is the fun part where you get to make your home your own! It’s also time for you to be introduced to your very own private portal for Foundations’ on-line building and warranty management system – BuilderTrend.

#5 Pre-Construction Orientation

Prior to construction, you will get the chance to meet your Foundation Homes Project Manager who will manage the building of your home. He will walk your home-site with you and explain Foundation’s 100-point quality control system. We want you to see that your home is going to be the strongest on the market— from the foundation to the roof, and every piece between.

#6 Go Time!

This is where our team does all the work. We check the soil, we pour the foundation, we build your home excellently! It is a Foundation Homes standard to work with the best of the best in the industry. All our subcontractors are part of a team committed to building your home the best way possible, and building it to last! During this time, as excited as you may be, please resist the urge to enter the job site. This is extremely dangerous and will only result in confusion. We promise to provide opportunities for you walk your new home at scheduled times.

#7 Pre-Settlement Demonstration & Walk-through

Prior to your demonstration and walk-through, your home will be checked via Foundations’ 100-point quality control system to be sure that you are delivered a top-quality home. Then, your Foundation Homes’ Warranty Specialist will meet you before your closing date to walk through the home with you and make sure it is completely move-in ready. At this time, you will also be trained on how to use all systems within the house. We want you to feel comfortable with every part of your new home when you receive the keys! Remember, there will still be required processes at this point and there is still approximately a week and a half before the actual closing can take place.

#8 Closing

Closing day means the keys are now yours! You will sign the final papers that release the home into your hands. Don’t worry though, Foundation will still be there for you. Long after the moving trucks have pulled away, our warranty system will keep your home covered and protected. Foundation’s warranty is matchless in the market, and you can be fully confident that we will be there to take care of you and your family.